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On Pro Football: Taking the Measure of Kyler Murray

INDIANAPOLIS — First it was Kyler Murray’s height. Then it was Kyler Murray’s weight. And then, after Kyler Murray’s weight, it was Kyler Murray’s hand size. By Friday, when Murray appeared before the news...


Colin Kaepernick and the N.F.L. Settle Collusion Case

The quarterback Colin Kaepernick ignited impassioned debates over race, activism and free expression after protesting police shootings of black men by kneeling during “The Star-Spangled Banner” at National Football League games in 2016. The...


For N.F.L. Retirees, Opioids Bring More Pain

Earl Campbell, a former All-Pro running back in the N.F.L., said the first painkillers he took came in a small brown packet that a trainer gave him on the team plane. The former lineman...